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I have a lvl, 35 Megaloceros, and his name is Mr. Clementine. I currently lost my other male, named Bucky. But Mr. Clementine is even better!!! He even took down a Carno! I was so impressed. His melee damage is 195. Im so impressed. I also tamed a female named Rosa. Some of her fur is white, while the rest of her body is brown. It might be a glitch, because when I tamed her, she was a very light blue color mixed with grey and white. She didn't do much tho.. But Mr. Clementine is an absoulte beast!!! Better thank Bucky. Bucky would have died from a carno. And yes, an actual Carno... Get males to breed with females!! Make sure you carry hundreds of berries if you want the male or female to be super high lvl, like Mr. Clementine.

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