I play official and have tamed a couple of these there simple but hard to tame first u want to trap it then u might need a second player to stay close to it so it won’t go out of the trap when u get out of tender distance then u find the swarm fish and u can use the HLNA drone to scan the fish to see what lvl the swarm is depending on the lvl the less swarm fish u need so if u find a 150 swarm u will be able to tame any lvl megachelon off that single swarm but u must sit there and watch it when I did it the first time I wasn’t looking and it kept resetting the taming bar even tho there were not enemies nearby so u have to keep watching it while it tamed or u can tame it with the glitch and all u have to do is do the same thing except soon as u Afro the swarm fish on the turtle use HLNA to teleport away and watch ur tribe log for when u tame it it will tame eventually while ur at ur base doing whatever hope this helps πŸ‘πŸΏ

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