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To tame this creature you should first make sure you have a few extra horns(obtained by killing a death worm) just in case something went wrong. To tame it you will need to either tame it in the desert which is very dangerous, or have yourself or someone else pick it up with a wyvern. You could also lead it to your base spot, which would take a while depending on location and if it Argos onto you the whole time. To tame have the horns in your hot bar, and have bug repellant on(WATCH THE TIMER), the you will want to crouch, and go from behind to feed it therefore it will be safer. If it targets you, lose the aggro, and then go back and repeat the process carefully. It will also be more easy if you can trap it so it doesn't wonder off, and you lose your progress on the tame. Good luck and be safe!!

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