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Taming these are easy in fjordur.

1. Get a good flyer like an argentavis or a pt

2. Fly to Balheimer or whatever it's called. (Bottom right on map)

3.Go to the wyvern trench and at the end you'll find a cave at the bottom.

4. Explore the cave and find an egg you want (Beware of magmasaurs obviously)

5. Steal it and dip.


When you have the egg you wanna

1. Craft 5 or 6 fireplaces and a few campfires

2. Place them close to each other

3. Get a good amount of wood and fuel the fires

4. Wait to hatch.

[Baby to adult]

1. Make sure you have alot of sulfur.

2. When it hatches, give it the sulfur immediately.

3. Make sure it's close to you always so it doesn't die.

4. Wait.

Congrats, you tamed a magmasaur on fjordur.🤑

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