Hello ark community, welcome to My magmasaur guide.

What is a Magmasaur?-

Taming method for these creatures is to steal their egg from a trench, there are three of such trenches the one on fjourder, the one on Lost Island, and the one on Genesis part 1 I will cover this in the next section but for this one we will talk about general use and what it is, magnusaur is a very versatile creature allowing for close long range and middle range combat as well as making a great harvesting creature just like the strider, not as powerful as the Strider harvesting but is good these creatures can be used for many things, they smelt metal in their inventories, they have a turt attack that can shoot a giant magma spitball and a couple of other cool abilities for certain situations.

The Trenches-

As you know magmasaurs have three trenches across the maps I will be writing them and they're difficulty across the board, number one is fjourder, 6 this is a hard map to steal a Magmasaur on due to the fact that it is at the bottom of the fire wyvern trench meaning not only have to get past the magmasaurs but also those deadly fire wyverns that want to eat you this is difficult, however the map provides you with the andrewsarcus which is a good tame for these sort of shenanigans protecting you from all sorts of dismounting and damage so that sort of takes the difficulty from an eight to a six, one other part of this map are the x lava golems that are guarding it, these things are tanks and dish out quite a bit of damage so I recommend bringing something to kill them, but one more method, propbably the best of them all, using the fjordhawk, the reason this method is so insane is because if you manage to run in there and get an egg, then it is yours, then just brace death, your old hawk will take all of your loot back to base and if that wasn't enough this is a method for stealing eggs from all trenches, if you grab a parachute some riot armor and a shield and a fjourdhawk, although I am not scaling this one down in difficulty due to this creature because it can be transferred to any map and this strategy can be used anywhere, while that's the case with the andrewsarcus, there are more viable solutions on other maps. Next we have the Lost Island trench, 2 this is by far the easiest trench to steal from, having two entrances you can have one entrance to lead the magmasaurs out and pick them off and one to go in and steal an egg, this makes baiting them out with a procoptodon and a rifle on one side and rushing in the other to get an egg really easy and makes the magmasaur a beginner to midgame tame, heck you could even do this without clothing if you just set up like a bunch of sleeping bags and beds you can run into the magmasaur trench try and bait fire grab an egg and run out and let one of the magmasaurs snipe you so they lose aggro then go back to your corpse and get your egg, even that procoptodon on strategy isn't too far-fetched, but that doesn't mean you go in there without at least flak or riot armor and a good shield, because that place is dangerous it is just if you are a tactician and able to maneuver well then you can get yourself an egg at stage 1. The last map that has magnisaurus is Genesis part 1, where they were first released and this one is a solid 8 on the danger scale although you can teleport right after or you can sweep it to do around with with a bloodstalker, that doesn't negate the fact that this is a one-way entrance, you can't use flyers, and if you make one wrong move you're going to get shot with a Magmasaur spitball and die on the spot, and let me tell you, you are not getting your stuff back, although there are blood stalkers on this map and you may be able to transfer a fjord hawk that doesn't negate how hard it is to even pick up an egg, there are steep cliffs, scary creatures like the rock golems, and worst of all lava, the kind that is engulfing the whole area, overall do not recommend this map for Magmasaur egg stealing.


There are three things this can be used for, a turret like defense, an all-out attacking creature for melee, or a utility creature to gather metal, whichever one of these you choose the magmasaur is a great fit, it gets an incredible weight reduction on metal, it's great at harvesting Stone, it can harvest wood and thatch like it's nobody's business and it can cross the water with ease, making a surprisingly good water creature for something made of molten lava, if you are going to melee route I suggest you gather a little bit of metal for it so you can use the spitball ability, these spit balls are incredibly powerful doing massive sums of damage in an AOE radius if you charged up fully, it also is able to simulate a rare flower debuff with an attack which will cause regularly passive creatures to attack, anyways, I think that is about it for magmasaurs, my next guy will be on striders, until then this is Unchained signing off.

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