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To acquire the eggs of a magmasaur you have to actually go into the volcano in the volcanic region. The entrance of the cave is very noticeable with bright glowing purple crystals around it. Going inside you’ll find smaller creatures (onycs, araneos, and pulmonoscorpiuses) and larger much more threatening creatures like magmasaurs and rock golems. When in the cave watch out for araneos since getting webbed by them is practically a death sentence and be careful of magmasaurs shooting their searing spit (fireball) at you since it has a very long range. After grabbing the egg I recommend grappling to the ceiling and using a parachute down but also spam grappling to get away from magmasaurs work. Be extremely careful when getting these eggs and make sure you’re prepared to take care of the baby when raising because it is a major chore and you don’t want to waste effort.

Good luck!

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