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I actually spawned this thicc boi in The Island, Primitive Plus. It’s real great and fun to ride. Do note that walking in shallow water, such as the swamps, does not damage the magmasaur. I did have to ForceTame it to be able to ride it. They are really great for traveling, because smaller, more annoying creatures don’t attack it, such as troodons and and raptors. However, the larger carnivores, Carno and bigger, do try to attack them but to no avail as this dude is op. Btw, the cheat code for you console players is ( cheat gmsummon “cherufe_character_bp_c” 200 0 0) If you are on single player, it is important to add (cheat) before (gmsummon) as it will not work otherwise. :)))))

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