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How to tame a lystrosaur:

Find one. They look like little lizards

Walk right next to it, it will say put taming food in last slot

Put about 10 mejoberries in the hot bar spot closest to the right of your screen

It will say press triangle to feed mejoberries

Wait till it's hungry again and repeat the process until it comes up to name it. Name it something

Press triangle to pet it. Pet it as often as it lets you cause pets give you and your other tames a boost in XP.

don't let it follow u wherever u go cause they r super slow just put it in ur base or in a Dino pen and keep it in there. Hold Square and it should say follow all do that then do that again and everything should stop following u.individually go to each creature to let them follow/not follow.

please read this took a freaaak lotta time to type

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