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What they do is they improve the effectiveness of underwater drops (ONLY) for example befor taming this Dino youl get for example a primitive rocket launcher after taming youl get a astended rocket launcher and this buff last a quite a bit but the Dino despawns after 30 minutes and keep in mind he is one of the rarest creatures in the game so tame only when your in late game and being escourted my a mosa or somthing cause these guys are about as strong as my pinkey toe and they need giant bee honey to tame wich you need to find a active nest of bees break it down kill all the workers and tame the bee with kibb (THE QUEEN GIANT BEE IS THE ONLY WAS TO GET THE REQUIRED HONEY FOR THIS TAME)also keep in mind these bees are hella rare but not nearly as rare as the lioplerodon then when you have the lioplerodon you don’t wait any time sit on it and go get EVERY UNDER WATER DROP YOU CAN cause again these guys ugh expire after 30 minutes

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