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Part 2.

So we end up saying fuck it. Let's go to Carno Island and call it a night by the shores. (WHY THE FUCK WE DECIDED TO GO THERE IS BEYOND ME) And at this point Scott's girlfriend joins the game for shits and gigs and to essentially fuck around with us.

So she's low level. Scott and I barely know what the fucks going on. And I'm paranoid as shit when it comes to this game seeing as I've received thy rod and staff on numerous occasions when it seems like I've done nothing but pour my heart, soul and time into this time vortex of a game.

So naturally I ask Cam what the plan is. To which he replies, "We're going to Carno Island and calling it a night on the shores. We'll be fine." I literally couldn't begin to count the amount of times this fucker has said verbatim "We'll be fine" and then immediately get shafted by prehistoric fuckery. But he assures us that we have nothing to worry about.

Now, one thing I will add before shit hits the fan is simply this... ➡️

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