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While playing on The Island, I have found that they spawn in the glaciers the most often (I have ran into two there on one trip.) . We have two rafts, which they will destroy. I believe that they are also afraid of the player(s), so that would be helpful to know when you encounter one; if you do. If one does attack your ship and you don’t have the weapons to fight or are not looking to fight it, go to the nearest glacier and beach your raft. You can dip into the water for a second and check to see if it is fleeing, as it is not looking for a fight. Wait for some minutes, (preferably 5) and check again before leaving. It is always good to have extra materials for a new raft, and for repairs. If you are elsewhere and have ran into one, (which I have not, so I can’t give a proper tip) I would just abandon the boat altogether, if not near land. We bring flying mounts on own rafts, so that is a quick escape from other fish that will eat you. Or, just scrap the boat altogether and get a pelagornis.

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