(Part 2)

Helena: WTF WAS THAT!?!

Meiyin: Santiago was killed to death!

All of Meiyin's tribe: Let's getem!

A few hours later...

The entirety of Meiyin's tribe: *Kills the Desert Titan*

Server: Desert Titan was defeated!

Meiyin's tribe: *Murders Forest Titan*

Server: Forest Titan was defeated!

Meiyin's tribe: *Destroys Ice Titan*

Server: Ice Titan was defeated!

King Titan: It is the end... For you!

King Titan: *Wipes out all of Meiyin's tribe save for Helena and Meiyin*

Helena: *Turns into homodeus and suicides herself*

Server to Meiyin's tribe: โ˜ ๏ธ Your tribemate Helena killed herself!

Meiyin: *Slays King Titan and emds the corruption*

Server: King Titan was defeated!

Corruption: *Dies and all corrupted dinos are purified*


Helena: *Creates Hlna*

Genesis: *Starts*

You know what is next! Cya!

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