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Wanna tame this radiated crab? I may have some tips that can help! But first, Everything I say in this tip is of course what I recommend, you however can tackle this tame however you like at the end I will tell the pros and cons of this tame as I own a few myself! Alright now let’s get started! This is a difficult tame, As like the rock golem you have to shoot it with what? With cannon balls, ever since the last patch update, they can only be knocked with cannon! For this tame I recommend a trap! Pack 2 stone gateways, 2 or three fence foundations, 3 or 5 stone double door frames, and 12 stone pillars, I will explain how this will work later! Next will be you shooting platform! Pack 5 additional pillars (I recommend bringing more!) as well as a ceiling, pack a cannon as well as a couple cannon balls! The narcotics you will need will be about 100 depending on the level, but I recommend bringing kibble! Now let’s get started on where to find these behemoth crabby boys! Worried that they only spawn on aberration? Fear not! :D they spawn on; valguero (in the aberration zone cave), Fjordur (also in the aberration cave) and that’s where I have made contact with them so your guaranteed to find one there! Now let’s figure out how to tame one shall we? Alright once you spot your crab, it’s time to set up the trap first place the two gateways parallel to each other, next place your fence foundations and form a ramp towards the inside of the gateways, as this will be how the crab gets in! And finally the side you will be firing from, place 2/3/4 pillars (however many you feel comfortable with ) to form bars, to keep the crab in place while you shoot it! Now will be your shooting platform, go to the pillars and go back a few meters them build up with your pillars and finish with the ceiling, this is where the cannon will go! Alright now your ready to knock the crab out! Step one: get the crabs attention! Step 2: Lure it up the ramp and have it fall into the trap! Step 3: aim the cannon down toward its back! Step 4: Shoot it once or twice until it knocks out (bring more cannonballs in case you miss) Now that it’s finnaly out taming it is the easy part! It likes extraordinary kibble, feed narcotics every so often and eventually… you have tamed a crab… but what is one to do with said crab you may ask? Well that’s what this part is for! :D alright as this creature is indeed slow even while sprinting, it makes up for it by its ability to jump very high without taking fall damage (I haven’t tested if it will take fall damage without jumping but I assume ur all good!) And that’s not all, this crab can also pick something up but here’s the good part, you can dismount it and the crab will keep holding onto it! Didn’t want to grab that creature? Fear not, it also has the ability to literally smash what it picked up, as well as defend a creature! Both claws are operational! Overall this tame is in its own way good for both pvp because it can pick players off there mounts, as well as smash them with relative ease! And Pve for its ability to bounce when needed! It can grab a possible future tame and defend it! Hope this helps! Happy taming and take care! (I’m doing the shadow mane next!)

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