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People say don’t use a cannon but there are three workarounds that makes the cannon viable for taming efficiency.

1. Build a trap with ceilings across the top where the crabs back sticks thru. You can still hit the back and the ceilings block the splash damage that lowers TE.

2. Place the cannon on the ground in front of the crab and aim up. It will hit the crab in the face but the splash damage will go over the top.

3. Knock out the crab with a cannon then let the topor drain til it’s about to wake up. Pump it full of a bunch of Narcotics then immediately pump a bunch of stimulants to make it wake up. What will happen is stimulants pause the narcotic effect temporarily. So it will wake up resetting it’s taming efficiency to 100% and then eventually pass out again from all the narcotics that are still ticking. If you have the time this is the best way to get 100% efficiency on a crab if you don’t use a catapult which takes 10-20 shots, but cannon is ALWAYS a 1-shot KO.

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