A true story that showed love, honor, and bravery

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A true story that showed love, honor, and bravery

Just a while ago I had just tamed a Kapro, but this Kapro was like no other, I had named him Cracker, Cracker always stood by my side and saved me from dangerous threats attempting to slay Cracker, me and my other creatures...Cracker was very lonely and had no other friend other than me, The Spit Squad/My Dilos, and a few dodos so I got him a special friend... A Sarco!!! I named the sarco Butter. Cracker and Butter became great friends! We would go on hunts and kill raptors and bezubuffos, but one day Butter was stuck in between two terrain rocks which I can’t break, so me and Cracker when on without Butter to get meat,but just then a baryonx came out of the river and started attacking Cracker fought hard and killed the baryonx but sadly he perished in battle. I found his item bag but only his saddle was in there. I kept the saddle for rememberence of my best friend. I named many things after Cracker. Cracker lies in the grave to be remembered 𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳~ Every one up is one respect ,love, and rememberance for Cracker

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