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When I was still a noob on scorched, I was dying left right and centre- I got enough for a thatch foundation, placed it, died. Another thatch foundation, placed it died. You get the idea. Now, once I had my hut I also had enough xp to get a spear, so I did and I hunted a water jug bug, but dragged it into my house and shut the door. I examined it, and saw that I could drink water from it. I survived! I built up my hut more, and when that one ran out, I harvested the corpse and brought another dead one inside. I survived like this until finally I tamed a Morrellatops, and we hiked back and forth from a nearby lake I discovered while chasing my new friend. That is how I survived- use these guys, they’re lifesavers. Literally.

Also, just me or when I’m low level mainly oil ones spawn but when I’m high level only water ones spawn??? Maybe they just hate me

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