The red jerboa part 4

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The red jerboa part 4

By Ryukenmaxximus

A blinding light flashed through the entrance of the cave “Am I dead? Asked Jebris “If not then where am I?” The light got a bit dimmer “You are inside your other words you are asleep.” Said a weird voice “you must wake up.” Jebris did as she was told and she woke up. The light was gone, it was 4:34am she tried to wake up Jerboe but she was sleeping too heavily. She decided to wait out the night, a few minutes later she was asleep again. The bright light was not there this time instead there was darkness, she stepped out of her cave and walked to an obilisk (the blue one to be exact) when she Got there she was grabbed by a great flying beast, she couldn’t tell what it was because it was terribly dark outside, it felt like a wyvern but it could have been the sacred Manticore. she was stuffed into a nest next to two eggs,the eggs hatched and they bit into Jebris’ skin just as her head was ripped off she woke up. It was 9:39am Jerboe walked out of the cave Jebris followed “Where are you going?” She asked, Jerboe looked quite skinny when she was stood tall (which was what she was doing) “I am going to forage for berries do you want to come?” Jerboe replied “Yes please!” Jebris shouted with excitement. They walked Down a cliff into a ravine They grabbed some berries but on the way back to their cave Jerboe was Grabbed by the Manticore and taken to the Manticore’s home. Jebris ran as fast as she could to try get Jerboe back but she was too slow.

10 Years Later

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