Iguanadon is a Beast!!

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Iguanadon is a Beast!!

So I tamed this Iggy as my main mount due to speed and weight. I’m still fairly early game like level 35 right now. I don’t even have a flyer. So my iggy is lvl 127 and I took her on a standard metal run. I’ve got an acsendent bow that deals like 250 damage nothing spectacular. Level 145 Caron shows up. Iggy takes some damage and gets down to about half health before we take it down. Then I head back. Iggy is at half health and I don’t wanna risk losing her We end up running into this alpha raptor with like 4000 health. My iggy has like 1065 normally and after the carno she’s down to 640 ish I believe. I hop off and pepper it with arrows while my iggy goes on the attack. At this point I’m so sure that I’m gonna lose her and everything on her plus all my hard earned armor. ( no way I’m gonna go back and get my stuff the alpha raptors always camp it). I grab my pike determined to take as much health off of this darn thing before I come back with an army. Alpha just keeps hammering me breaking all my armor and I’m hammering him bring his health down faster then expected. Iggy helping too and we TAKE THIS THING DOWN AND SURVIVE!!! Iggy left with like 200 health and me with like 15 lmao. Never doubt an iguanadon that thing is a beast

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