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I.... I LOVE my iguanodon. I’ve had him since I was a…

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I.... I LOVE my iguanodon. I’ve had him since I was a lvl 17, he followed me round everywhere, we sailed round the entire island together, and when I got him a saddle, we became even closer. He had gorgeous yellow spots and a lovely orangey-red skin tone, so I called him Spottius Yellowus. He is only a lvl 24, and I am a lvl 53, as of now, and I’m writing this from the swamps. We were hunting carno’s together, like the best buds we were, when a baronyx jumped me. I knew Spottius could take raptors, packs worth even, but I thought we were good as dead by then, but he just kept head butting the bary like it was nothing. His health had gone down 400 times before the baronyx called it quits and ran, but no matter the whistles, he chased that bastard down. I am nowhere near as fast as Spottius, and he belted it over hill and through river, following that baronyx to the ends of the earth if he had to. No predator had escaped Spottius before. It wouldn’t happen now. With incredible vigour, he caught up and lunged at the bary. It squealed in pain, attracting a nearby theri and arousing a close carbonenemys from its grazing, and they all sandwiched Spottius in, bashing and chomping and stamping. His health was rapidly depleting, but he didn’t bash an eyelid. Instead, he just looked at me, helpless. I wouldn’t stand for it. He COULDNT die. Not now. If I have my way, not ever. I broke into a full sprint towards the mob, disregarding my life and safety, and lunged into the mess. With my master raft sword, I slashed and stabbed, and I took the theri, on full health, the bary, on half, and the carbonenemys, who was head butting Spottius dreadfully hard. We finished him off together, and my iguanodon is now on 73 health. He is a trooper.

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