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DO NOT rely on bolas to catch this one, even if it's not high level. this is not a Parasaur, unless you already have access to tranquilizer arrows you'll need to trap it in order to tame it. they're really fast creatures when fleeing so you're not going to hit the second bola without something to prevent it from running away. i almost failed to catch a level 35 Iguanodon because a single bola wasn't enough to knock it out with a club/slingshot, thankfully it got trapped in a rock and i managed to hit it again with another bola and finish it up with the club. they're great early game tames, basically a Parasaur on steroids, but they spawn in locations that make it hard to tame them. the one i caught was really close to a Rex, lol (i got really lucky, he didn't notice neither me nor the Iguanodon). good luck!

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