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I've always found the Iguanodon charming. Even though it is weak in the grand scheme of things in ARK, it is one of, if not the best beginner's tame in the game. It has two modes: Quadruped and Biped. The base stance is Quadruped. In this mode, you are less agile, but are extremely quick. And the best part is, you have infinite stamina! You can run as far as you like in Quadruped. The Biped mode is toggled with right click (or left trigger on console.) In this stance, you are slower, but are more agile and able to attack and gather berries. Stamina is consumed, but only at a rate of 3 stamina a second. Regardless of the mode, the Iguanodon is a farmer's best friend. It is able to convert berries into seeds, sparing time from trying to gather them normally. It's strong points are speed, stamina, and weight. It's weak point is health, with okay melee. Overall, the Iguanodon is a good mount for beginners and those in midgame. And I didn't know when to say this, but it has a cute roar too.

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