These things are OVERKILL!

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These things are OVERKILL!!! An alpha trex spawned at the edge of the ocean near my base, and I only spotted it when I was out on my icthy going off to tame up a dunkleosteus. It was way to close to base, so I shot it to lead it into the ocean and swam away as fast as I could. It quickly de aggrod and swam down to near the middle of the sea. So I hit it with the dolphin- the alpha DIDNT aggro. So I patiently savaged the 21k health alpha rex with my icthy and after just half an hour, me and my ten damage icthy killed the alpha and I got amazing loot and lots of Xp.

Moral: if you’re a low level player, dolphins are the ULTIMATE alpha killers. Just use the dolphin only, and you should have some easy loot and loads of levels.

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