I tamed a max level (lvl 450 in brutal hardcore in mobile)…

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I tamed a max level (lvl 450 in brutal hardcore in mobile) Ichthy which ended up taking into level 671 as my first tame, like really early on when I was level 16 and to my surprise he was an absolute beast. And by that I mean AN ABSOLUTE BEAST. He was practically speeding me from one side of the map to the other I thought my soul left my body when he just zoomed off right after I finished taming-

I could swim so far down in such early stages of the game with no fear of drowning because of my newly befriend steroids inducing beast.

And bro don’t even get me started on the combat and damage. It was a complete massacre.

He was taking on packs upon packs of megalodons, plesio, mosa and even tusos almost with no rest completely unscathed- and the thing about ichthys in ark mobile is that NOTHING AGROS ON THEM. Even when your Ichthy attacks they just completely ignore you (Unless you hop off when near something or attack the dino yourself as the player)

With that I immediately started soaring through levels with him by my side. He brought every sea creature scampering to their knees, to their last dying breath with me poking them with a stick for the final blow

After some time, terrorising the sea free of charge, I finally came across the opposing creature there.

The alpha mosa level 372.

Would it curve to the iron will of my god levelled Ichthy or would it finally be the creature which stood up against my tyranny? I watched closely with hitched breath for days upon the discovery, traced a path for when I needed oxegyn, prepared my newly crafted adescent hide armour and finally at dawn I charged.


So yeah I just nibbled on its tail and swam back and forth for air and simply nailed it with a pike, again. Unscathed.

I spend most of my time gathering levels inland now but my tamed will never compare to the journeys I’ve had with my Ichthy, I made him his own underwater throne room in the rock pool in the southern coast (rock tower/pillar area) for his retirement.

His name is Bloodbath, ancient and old to this day. A name of a red goldfish which dug the graves of the many.

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