Once upon a time, there was a level 60 player

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Once upon a time, there was a level 60 player

Desperate for EXP and asking for prayers

He picked a pursuit he never picked before

To tame a fish called “Ichthyosaur”

He jumped on his Baryonyx and went for the tame

He looked around and around, but nobody came

But one day, he found the fish on a beach at the West

He squealed with excitement, despite getting no rest

He offered the last stack of meat in his hand

A few minutes later, the Ichthyosaur was at his command

He built the little fish a home right in a jiffy

Gave him stacks of meat and called him Flippy

He obtained a saddle and rid him around

He tamed many other fish and made a little fish town

The player started using little Flippy for larger and harder quests

Poor Flippy had a struggle staying at his best

But then the player had a stupid idea, never before thought by the dumb

He tried to tame another fish called Liopleurodon

He jumped on his new argy and headed for honey

Rexes were everywhere and they ran like a dummy

He got home and jumped on his fish

He never knew poor Flippy would end up on a dish

They found the Liopleurodon sparkling like magic

It went successfully, then awfully tragic

He left Flippy for the newly tamed Dino

Then proceeded to get chased by Megalodons like rhinos

Despite being abandoned, Flippy came to the rescue

He sped as fast as he can, but then failed too

Flippy died because of the owner’s stupidity

The Liopleurodon’s luck gave him enough oxygen to request his Angler named Angsty

The owner, with a broken scuba tank swam off in a pigsty

To heal, he ate a lot of eggs, around fifty

Then made a tombstone for little Flippy

R. I. P. Flippy the Ichthyosaur

2021 - 2021

You may be missed

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