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This is the ultimate combo. Pego, troodons and seagulls

If you want to loot a guy without leaving a trace , here is how you do it.

1: pego problems, send a squadron of pegos to pick pocket your target just to piss them off.

2: seagull stealing, next send your seagull fleet to steal their items while they are chasing the pegos. If you are lucky, the seagulls will take the item they are using or the ammunition for the item

3: troodon terror, lastly, so they donโ€™t know what happened, send your troodons to put them to sleep with their venom attack, they wonโ€™t know what hit them and you will walk away with all of their loot, if you are feeling like they have more stuff on them, grab narcotics and put them to sleep even more, then search his body. And boom free loot for the minimal price of lost tames. Hope this helps you pick pocket the alpha tribe!

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