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Not sure how well this would work but I’m trying to give an actual use for this dino unlike other people who basically just say shoot it in the head for prime meat. Ok so here’s my idea, what if you made a organic polymer auto farm with penguins and hyeanodons with meatpack saddles? Basically you make a enclosed area and have a bunch of penguins breeding and a couple of hyeanodons with meatpack saddles on aggressive to kill the penguin’s off spring and yes sometimes they won’t harvest the body but they should get most of them especially if you make the enclosed area really small. The meatpack saddles will keep the organic polymer from spoiling according to online sources, the meatpack saddles increases the spoil timer of all consumables which organic polymer is. This is based off of Syntac’s element dust farm go check it out if you want a better idea of what I’m talking about. I’m gonna try it out myself.

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