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Considering taming this mythological beast? I may have a few ideas how! But first off, everything I say in this tip is of course what I recommend, you can tame this however you want! All I can say is good luck! Now where were we? Yes alright let’s start with the supplies one would need to tame this! First a rifle and some darts, this will be a must have, as it does little to no damage with maximum torpor! Pack at least 50 of them (pack more in case you miss) Next consider bringing a net gun! This will be usefull for keeping them in one place for a easy knockout! And finnaly the kibble and narcotics you will need: depending on the server I would recommend bringing 300/200 just to be safe, as well as 3/7 kibble, they like extraordinary kibble! Next is where to find said beasts! They can be found on; crystal isles, the island, fjordur, raganrok, scorched earth, and lost island! Alright the knockout process is fairly simple; step 1 locate a griffin! Step 2, Shoot it with a none torpor inducing weapon to lure it to you! Step 3, Net it! Step4 make it regret coming to you (aka knock it out with ease) Step 5, feed narcotics, and give it the kibble and bam you got a griffin! What are you supposed to do with said griffin? Well here’s some ability’s the griffin uses! First it has a dive witch can be converted into a swift glide, or used as a massive slam into the ground doing surrounding damaged depending on how fast your decent is! Next is this is the ONLY flying tame you are able to shoot from while riding it, making it a solid choice for aerial warfare in pvp! It also has room for 2 passengers! But griffins are made for both the sky and the ground, making them a versatile mount! Hope my info helped!! Good luck out there!

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