The easiest way to tame a griffin ๐Ÿ˜Œ.

Requirements: 4 stone Dino gateways - 2 reinforced Dino gates - 1 net gun and some ammo for it - crossbow or rifle - tranq arrows or tranq darts -

First, you must make a stone trap, I recommend getting four stone Dino gateways and two reinforced gates, this way you can reuse the trap to tame other griffins. This will require around 1,200 stone I think 400~ thatch (maybe) and about 650 wood (approx). I recommend getting a large tame with good weight and using a metal axe and pick instead of using a Dino to harvest :)

Now, you must find a griffin, they usually spawn in either the mountain plain areas on most maps (that they are on) or winter biomes.

Once you find a griffin, make sure there arenโ€™t any other creatures around that could kill you or the griffin.

Now, run up to the griffin and use the net gun to trap it. Place the Dino gateways in a line, make sure the gaps arenโ€™t to big. Place the doors at both sides of the trap, make sure theyโ€™re closed ofc.

Now, you can use tranq darts or tranq arrows (with crossbow). Wait a few good seconds before shooting again with the crossbow though, or you may kill it.

Shove some meat in its inventory and you have a griffin! I recommend going to the info section for the best food to get!

-DJFox7222 :)

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