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When taming Griffins I always use my high level Argy, he has nearly 20k health and I set him to passive and let the Griffin bite him as I shoot it, or I let the Griffin bite me because although they have decent damage, flak armour and 800 health seem enough to survive,

It should take about 46 regular darts to get a level 60 to fleeing amount of torpor including inaccurate shots, after that about 9 more for it to go to sleep, I'd recommend first taming the lowest level you can find and then using it to

tame higher levels later, if you want a high level Griffin without taming worse ones first, a trap would be necessary,

I haven't tested it yet, but building an octagonal amphitheatre/coliseum shaped trap of wood or above to delay it's escape with slightly over hanging walls so it doesn't fly away when it flees would probably do, after it goes to sleep normal meat should tame it after a while, but be prepared to lose a lot of narcoberries/toxin/narcotics

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