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Note: you can not tame parent

In order to tame, you need…

Fertilized eggs (need about 3, but bring more just in case.) Almost any egg works but the bigger it is, the more time it gives you.

Ghillie (spelled it wrong probably) suit

1. Find a gigantoraptor with a nest and place fertilized eggs near nest but not to close so the parent can see you

2. When the parent leaves to eat the fertilized eggs go into nest and there should be a button that allows you to go into the nest

3. When the baby gigantoraptor comes back into the nest it will hop and do an action.

4. When it does the action, there should be three kinds of actions you can do and a picture above your hot bar should appear and tell you what button to press to do a specific action.

5. When you repeat the action the taming bar will up and the baby will leave

6. Repeat until tamed

Another note: the parent WILL come back after each eaten egg. When this happens, find a hiding place with the nest in sight. Not to far, not to close. When it leaves again, go back into nest and start taming again. I am pretty sure the taming bar does not go down when you leave as the parent comes back.

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