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I really struggled taming these things so here is my tip for low performance pc players:

Preparation: 10 Bug repellants, ghilli armor, 5 dimorphodons (sinomacrops are great too), taming food

1. Go to the redwoods. Once you find a hive, whistle the pack to "attack this target".

2. While your Dinos do their thing, go stand out of the drone's reach. They die after getting too far away from the nest. Observe the hive's HP with spyglass. Once it's just about to break whistle your Dinos to return and go passive.

3. Destroy the hive with a ranged weapon. The queen will fall out.

4. Quickly whistle "Stop" (the queen is afraid of tames), put on bug repellant, and follow her.

5. This is the tricky part. While she bumbles around, you have to quickly approach and feed her without aggroing the drones. I did that by walking by her quickly and spamming E. Don't let her out of your sight because she will dissappear once she's more than 40m away!! (it's not directly despawn but she will only be visible as long as you're in a close proximity) (yea this may be a low performance pc thing)

This is a VERY annoying tame but don't let that stop you! Eventually, you'll make it.

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