For late game Bee taming, use simple kibble on increased tame rate weekends or events. Use a Quetzal to fly up and peck the hives to break them and then follow on the Quetzal once the bee is free. You can jump up off the saddle and not fall and die, so even if you get stung, it’s not a death sentence. Follow the queen with the kibble in the far right hotbar slot and feed it. Then go up to her and she has a β€œobtain hive” button that turns her into a hive and she adds to your inventory as a structure. Now you can place the hive like a structure, but only on bare ground. I’ve tried every method out there, traps, cages, building around it, chasing it on foot, and all have failed, but using a Quetzal made the difference first time out with it.

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