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How to tame: Gallimimus. (This is for mobile players only!)

You will need: Argy with saddle, Dimetrodon kibble, Bola, 35 Narcotic, 20 mejoberries and 5 Tranq darts and a longneck rifle.

Step 1: Find a Gallimimus in the swamp.

Step 2: Pick up the Gallimimus with your argy, and carry it back to the island that your base is on.

Step 3: Land your argy, and put the bola in your hot bar.

Step 4: Bola the Gallimimus.

Step 5: Make sure your longneck was in your hot bar, and shoot until unconsious.

Step 6: Give it the Dimetrodon kibble, narcotics and mejoberries.

Step 7: Feed it narcotic whenever you feel it needs it.

Step 8: Once it's tamed, carry it to your base.

Step 9: Target it when you get "Tame: Gallimimus", and get the rewards.

You can also complete "Hunt: Raptor" and get a Gallimimus saddle.

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