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In my opinion other than it’s looks, it’s an ABSOLUTE amazing tame, oh and it doesn’t poop crystals, when it eats the crystals on its back grow, when they get big enough to harvest it sneezes and shakes them off, I suggest if ur on a boosted server feed it ur ascendant rubbish u don’t ever plan on using and put it to use, there’s 2 rarity’s of crystals that I know of from playing ark, 1 is primitive, so it produces whatever u selected, so yea pretty normal. 2. Apprentice, this will give you a random ascendant item, it Varys each time u get one tho, I got a ascendant crossbow with 403.2 dmg, also for increased production they also eat owl pellets, and they pick up any item in front of them, so take a snow owl or two and plop them facing the gacha, so that it does it itself for more convenience. The more it sits down and eat the more the crystals on its back grow, the better the item you feed it, the faster crystal production you will get, sometimes it Varys what it calls “best” so feel free to experiment, it always likes ascendant things. Very good tame for rare items that are hard to come by I recommend taming one! Hope this helps!

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