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Hello ark community, this is my gacha guide!


For them to be and they're good Crystal producing mood you must have the following, they must be at least 12 foundations away from another gacha of the same gender, if they take damage they will be in a bad mood for around 5 minutes, and if you want a mood buff that increases their Crystal production by a lot you can put two snow owls in front of them for snow owl pellets that they will eat and gain a mood buff a couple of telltale signs that the gacha is sad are deep purple / black particles hovering over its back and a change in facial expression it's ears will be drooping and it will refuse to look at you.


Gachas have a list of what they can produce at any given time, you can change this by going into their menu it will say production and if you hover over that then it will show what it can produce, gachas produce three common materials such as thatch fiber and Stone, two rare materials such as silica or oil, and one rare material such as metal or black pearls, these are randomized every time you breed so you don't have to worry about trying to tame every type of gacha and breeding them to get the perfect production list, it is all random, also, there is another production value they can produce, element dust but this cannot be found through randomization has to be a wild tame that has naturally and if it doesn't there is no way to get it other than that.

What to feed and how many crystal will I get?-

Gachas we'll eat a variety of things some notable ones are stones, foundations of many types, swords, and some plant species plants, personally I opt for stone because it is easy to get in large quantities, also if you have a gacha that produces Stone you can feed him all of that stone and he'll just about double it making infinite food for all of your gachas, you could also do this with metal but I don't recommend it as it is incredibly heavy unless you're using an argentavis and even then it is hard to get to all of your gachas with it.

Crafting Skill-

These creatures have a special buff called crafting skill, it allows them to see what quality crystals they would like to produce if you are going for a standard gotcha farm for materials then I recommend pumping it up to 160 crafting skill and the rest in to weight, but there are also tiered crystals and I will get in that later that provide special equipment such as riot armor saddles and other cool things so if you want to get those the maximum chance of obtaining them is at 260%.

Tired crystals vs regular-

Gachas can produce four types of crystals, regular ones which just provide materials primitive ones which may provide basic armor, ramshackle ones which provide decent armor weapons and other things, and apprentice ones which provide good armor weapons and other things, for example from an apprentice drop I got a free 180% pump shotgun, for this reason gotcha's pair well with grinders as you can grind up there tiered crystals into the materials they hold possibly doubling your production of polymer and other things.

Snow Owls-

These guys are a must-have for gacha farms if you station about two in front of one gotcha then they will constantly be getting the snow owl pellet buff which allows them to produce incredible crystals at maximum value, this also applies to teired crystals often to deliver some insane loot from ascendant riot armor to really good pump shotguns and crossbows, but this is only a scratching the surface of how much they can produce, I ran a test with oil producing gaches, I had two groups one male and female with no snow pellets and one with one without the crafting skill and one with the ones without the snow owl and crafting skill produced about five stacks every hour or so meanwhile pellets and crafting skill produced upwards of 10 to 15 stacks an hour this can apply to just about any material so if you have a metal gotcha going it can be one of the most effective ways of producing metal, some other notable ones are crystal oil silica polymer and most other substrates.

Other notes-

Personally I don't bother for an element gotcha, although it seems convenient it is incredibly hard to get at a very low chance so I personally recommend a tech parasaur farm but therizino, that should suffice all of your element needs,If you need any more information I recommend looking at syntacs Gachas for dummies video, I hope you enjoyed this and my research goes to good work. This is Unchained signing off.

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