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Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter nineteen

By skronkmonster

“So we need to raid this place if we want to go after the next artifact?” I asked. Helena responded “ yes. Where the next titanete lives there is lots of radiation and we don’t have the supplies to make effective radiation gear. But this place has enough equipment to overthrow turkey.” “ then why don’t they use this stuff to fight the titants?” Annie asked. Helena sighed. “ because Rockwell has equipment four thousand times better on earth. Have you ever seen PacificRim? Well he wants to build one of those jeager things. He’s such a nerd even when trying to save humanity.” I looked back at the facility. “ this shouldn’t be too hard. We have a magmasaur, the fungal titanete, and a ferox!” I said. George scoffed “ I don’t think brute force is the way to do this. We’re raiding a genius with an army of Androids and smaller geniuses.” He said.

“ wait! I have an idea!” Said Annie

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