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Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter fifteen

By skronkmonster

“ well I guess I have to make this quick… skronkmonsters are a family of elete warriors who got stuck in the ark. But come to think of it the ark is perfect for skronkmonsters like me!” Brad said. “ why do you have to make it quick?” Helena asked “ because you haven’t been looking at the road and we’re about to crash into a titanete.” Brad responded. Helena whipped around to see that we were about to crash! She took the harnesses and yanked them right! The platform we stood on scraped it s side and it screeched loud! “ how do we fight it?!” I yelled “ aim for the purple stuff on its neck but don’t hit its cap! If you do than your bullets or arrows will whiz back at us 2 times more powerful!” Helena yelled back “ how terrible.” Brad said. I could tell he was being sarcastic and actually considered shooting arrows at him rather than the thing’s neck! But I won’t do that.

Because at the end of the day we’re all human.

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