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Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter twelve

By skronkmonster

(Only certain chapters will be told by other characters so this one is told by John not Annie.)

I looked down at the enclosure. The magmasaur was eating a parcy like a piece of dodo. if we came out in one piece I would be so… not dead? Whatever “let’s go inside” I said. George goes first he lowers himself down to the enclosure and signals us to come down so according to Helena’s magmasaur dossier the only way to tame it is to take the egg. Now we’re all in the enclosure. Annie’s job is to distract it while George and I jack the egg. Helena is manning the sniper this round. So Annie throws a rock at it and yells “ come and get me you fire pig!” As it chases her George and I go for the egg. Once I have it I yell “what do I do with it?” “Crack it open and throw the thing at it!” Helena responded. I crack open the egg and an orb rolls out. George throws the orb at it and it turns into a saddle and the magmasaur is instantly tamed. “ what happened?!” I yell “forcetame orb!” Helena responded “ Rockwell kept it under the guard of the magmasaur!” Annie got onto it and said

“ this thing is awesome!”

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