Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter nine

By skronkmonster

“ so we have to go back to earth right?” I asked “ yes” responded Helena. “ but not with these tames. We need at least a wyvern.” She continued. I was perplexed. We already have three awesome tames but whenever we fought a boss we hired a gun or tame master to help us. In short- that totally made sense. “ so if we’re going back to earth then we need to beat bosses right?” Asked George. “ and to beat bosses we need cool tames?” He continued Helena smiled and said “ atta boy! Let’s go get something! And I know what to get!” She pulled a notebook from her pack and said “ throughout my trails I have seen lots of odd stuff. Its all in here!” She flipped to a page featuring a rocky beast surrounded by fire. It was cuddling an egg. “ that is a magmasaur. If we could tame one of these then were golden.”

Let’s do this!

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