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Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter seven

By skronkmonster

“ so earlier you said you know where everyone is right?” I asked Dododex. “ yes” he responded. “ do you know where Edmund Rockwell is?” Dododex looked at me and said “ are you in persut of him as well?” “ I guess you can say that.” I responded. “ Once everyone got good at the genesis they ignored me and my fellow noob-bots so my master sent me after him.” Said Dododex. George and tiny looked over and he asked “ what master? I thought you just helped us to be nice.” The Dododex slowed down a for a second as he said “ uh…. what master? I have no master! I just… am uh…” Annie got impatient and said “ spit it out dude! If you want us to trust you, you have to trust us!” Suddenly the Dododex got shot out of the sky! “ shrink.” Said a voice. It was a lady. She was spying on us from a nearby shrub. “Helena walker.” She said as she held out a hand “ don’t gamble with noob bots.”. I looked at her and yelled “ what?!”

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