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I was once an innocent pvp player on the best server ever. It was on this server that I found one of these on my second day in a snow storm running from some wolves. The little caption said β€œfeed Mejo berries to taim”. I figured he was a cute little guy so I tamed him up and named him jerboa. After a couple of hours I managed to loose the wolves and find my way out, only to find more dire bears and run away with my ass on fire. Once I found my tribes camp I set him down in my hut and took a nap. When I woke up my friend geoslayer143572 gave me a piece of element and told me to feed it to him. I had no clue why but I trusted him. I walked up to Jerboa with the element in my hand and he went ballistic. I could tell he wanted it pretty badly so I gave it to him. From that moment he was known as Kong.

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