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Easy max level Faso solo:

Prep: Make a lot of grenades i used 30 for a max level. But i'd bring more just in case.

Bring an argentavis and make it follow you on passive while you sand surf your Faso, however note that the Faso is faster so my Argy sometimes fell behind and i had to run like hell if the Faso dismounted me.


When you find your Faso scout for the nearest grassy patch on the Sand Dunes, you will knock him out using exclusively these salt nodes.

Pull Faso out of sand with grenade and steer him towards the sand dunes towards the first salt nodes. Break all of those nodes and choose a side of the desert to follow and sand surf. You will always surf on the dunes trying to find the nearest salt nodes try to avoid inland as much as you can. You can use trees, some bones and stone to build your control meter as you look for the next salt nodes.

If the Faso dismounts you dont worry just get on your Argy and fly high to lose aggro, while you do this look around to see if you can spot the nearest salt node. The Faso loses torpidity extremely slow even while walking around so you have time, you also dont lose taming effectiveness when he dismounts you or when using explosives to get him out so its impossible to mess it up.

Rinse and repeat. He eats prime meat so when you finally get him to sleep just go crazy on the snakes around the desert.

Take your time and have fun surfing, it's not a chore its a good time surfing a big lizard on the desert. Now i bring a couple grenades around just to start the taming process on random Fasos and have fun surfing them wild sand lizard stallions.

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