The incubator…

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The incubator Chapter 5: Invader 🦖 Moon And Plasma: Everyone!!! Attention!!! They are giving us other dinosaurs to increase our love of the habitat! They will also feed us live! LIVE. Prey. Meteorite and shockwave: Ahem! As the smartest person her- Meteorite: Stop copying me! 🤬 “Meteorite and Shockwave fighting in background” Moon: Ah Silly old meteorite! You hatched first in the raptor pack so you should be taking care of you raptor siblings! Not fighting them!!! Meteorite: Sorry!

Moon: Dats better 😁

Meteorite: As the strongest raptor here I will explain what happens after! There will be live prey. Pin Expansion. And! New friends!!!

Goat: Oh god. More!?!? Help Meeeeee!

“Meteorite chomps goat”

Meteorite: Sorry that was my lunch for today! It got away then I got lost!!

Moon: It’s alright!

The end. (Or is it?) - DragonFlameYT

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