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Since some people still seem to be confused, this creature is NOT coming to ARK: Survival Evolved. The last creature being added there is the Rhyniognatha. Rather, the Fasola is going to be the FIRST new creature for ARK: Survival Ascended, an upcoming remake of Survival Evolved running on the same game engine as ARK II. It is supposed to have higher quality graphics, some fixed bugs and exploits, and even some new models for certain things. The Fasola will be coming to Scorched Earth (and likely other maps with desert areas). There will also be another new real-world creature for each canon DLC map (Aberration, Extinction, and both parts of Genesis).

As for its use (subject to change from the original submission), it will mainly function as an armor-shredding living trap. It can bury in the sand (not in any other terrain), leaving only its jaws visible. It can grab and immobilize most creatures, even up to the size of a Yuty or Rock (note that large creatures take less time to escape). This dismounts the enemy creatureโ€™s rider if it has one, and while it can fight back, it does much less damage to the Fasola while being grabbed. As mentioned above, the Fasola is much stronger against โ€œarmoredโ€ creatures, including but not limited to Doedics, Ankys, Stegos, Kentros (immune to recoil damage from it), and Rock Elementals. The Fasola thrives in the heat of the desert, it gets buffed when itโ€™s hot and gets weaker when itโ€™s cold (it helps its rider resist the heat as well). It also resists sandstorms and fire attacks; however, it is vulnerable to explosives. It will also be a handy harvester, it can gather stone and metal and will likely have a high weight stat and/or have weight reduction on those materials. Finally, while able to be ridden without a saddle, you can give it an advanced saddle that has two slots for turrets and three seats (one โ€œpilotโ€ and two gunners). Note that it can only burrow without a saddle, as it impedes its movement.

tldr: The Fasola is coming to a REMAKE of ARK 1 rather than ARK 1 itself, it will be on Scorched and will be like a living, armor-shredding trap that can equip a turret saddle.

Thank you for reading!

- DarkPhantom

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