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Me and my sister were on our way to go on a jungle adventure (We were playing on ragnarok and we lived at Viking Bay) and I had to stop to get water, I got a drink and my sister thought she’ll get a drink too and fill up her water skin, all of a sudden i say “Ooo a pretty tail” and then I’m knocked out. Me and my sister were playing splitscreen and we found a bug with it where when I got knocked out by the Lobster thing she did too, and she wasn’t even that close to me, so we both were screwed and we died. I then came back, killed it with my crossbow, and took a selfie with its dead corpse. Now in the present we still encounter them, but we know how to handle them. Infinite Chitin, Black Pearls, and Silica Pearls! Yay! (yes.. to this day we still live in Viking bay...)

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