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Equus are basically horses that can be found in certain places of the map, or in Redwoods. They can be tamed with any berry, but rockarrot is the main food. They also take Dilo Kibble. With any other berry besides rockarrot, it will be 0.1% or 1% every feed. With an argy, I recommend that you take the equus out of whatever place it's in, and back to your base. If not, a safe place. If you don't have a argy , make sure a creature is following you on medium or high, and on neutral in case something attacks. You should probably have 100-150 rockarrots, or 200 Taming! They can he found by the mountain on the left side of Redwoods. Hope this helps with your equus taming! One more thing , clear the area and make sure that no threats are near. Keep in mind, some new threats will spawn in shortly or long after. You should look for one during the start of the day as you are on your way to Redwoods. Nighttime is the worst time to tame the equus if not at the base. -TinaZ

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