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Here's how you tame an equus in ark mobile:

Step 1 : Do not mount on the equus. For some reason, the ark mobile equus don't like it. It increases taming with rockarrots like 2% and not mounted taming makes it 20% ( level 15)

Step 2 : Feed it rockarrots from a safe distance. Don't let it see you. You can approach their hind legs (dont touch them) and feed rockarrots. Otherwise it runs away.

Step 3 : If it runs away, just don't follow it, just see where it is going. If it loses aggro. It will not stare at you. Then feed it again

Step 4 : A good tip is to enable the 'Tame: Equus' pursuit so you save engrams for equus saddle and get one for free.

Follow the process for mobile and bam!! You got yourself an equus

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