When I was trying to find and tame my first equus it was pretty rare and always spawn near the raptors,therizeno,spinos,rexes,allos and other deadly Predators. But after I've tamed one I saw 3 equus spawning near Peaceful rivers many times lol

Tip for begginers-equus spawn mostly near rivers or forests. Before taming, you should watch the area carefully or else maybe when you have almost tamed an equus a carnivore may come out of nowhere and ruin your taming, Because most of the times I saw them spawning near rivers spinos there. But if you have Argy then just pick up equus and put it into a taming pen and there you go.

And also use kibble or carrots to tame it. Don't use berries otherwise it will take whole day to tame an equus.

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