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(Ark Mobile) I tamed it by going rodeo with it hahaha,This is how I do it

1. Sneak on it and when I close enough I dash and quickly ride it

2. Quickly feed it with rockarrot to soothe it before it's bucks you off

3. Don't spam feed,give one at the time,if you accidentally double tap two rockarrot it's will bucks you off (it's don't like force feed haha)

4. When it's hungry it's will try to bucks off you again,feed to calm it again

5. Pursuit ask you to collect 5 rockarrot only but I would recommend brought a lot as it's spoils fast and you might need to travel finding it

6. I found it on the way to the volcano on left side.They slightly near the volcano on green grass part

7. There was titanoboa, raptor, titanoboa, pusmonocus, baryonx when I was there so careful

P/s: I don't know if it's effective than other taming method but I have fun this way, I don't have to sneak on it all the time and chase it around towards predators,it's just goes back and forth ( I clutch to it for my dear life hahahaha xD) Good luck everyone if trying it xD

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