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2.storie part2 wonderful adventure of vexen(my character name)

So after all the dying i went to 53:32 and started to search there killed all bugs and dilos i saw and left trike,anky,stego for defence and also to low lvl to kill them and also spawn place for branto so usless coz only rex attack them so save but not smaller dino i was killed under one by rapter and it did nothing but any way so i run up and down searching and collect carrot along they way finally two spawn lvl 30 female and male white with black striped i had 5 carrots ran up to collect more and when i had 12 ran down and female had run away but male stayed jumped on him and taming begins 1=5% tame didn't have right number to tame so stared to feed mejo 1=0.2% so yeah pain lmao so carrats went up untill 45% and also got it in nic place between 2 rocks so dinos didn't see me when it was 80% i gave it two mejo after each other it kicked me of and run to red woods i run up away in to cliff to get more carrots.look part3

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